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The Hull Mine, Arizona's Natural Wonder Fluorescent Mineral Wall is part of the Castle Dome charitable National Treasurenon-profit Castle Dome Museum,which is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Castle Dome City and Mining District. The Hull property was purchased in 2014 by Allen and Stephanie Armstrong and is now open for guided, small group, underground mine tours. These tours are designed to inspire, educate and show the full potential and beauty of the Sonoran Desert, mining history, and this one-of-a-kind National Treasure.

The Fluorescent Wall was discovered January of 2017 by a friend of the museum, Phil Smith whose dedication to discovery is second to none. Phil's curiosity motivated him to encourage Allen to look for fluorescent minerals within the mine. What they found was a jaw-dropping “Eureka!” moment!

Further investigation of other fluorescent mine sites led to the understanding of just how unique the Hull Mine is. silver mines of ArizonaUnderstanding the quantity, quality, and, variety of fluorescing minerals within the mine, the decision to develop this enlightening tour was made.

In preparation for the tour, the Armstrongs along with many energetic volunteers have worked diligently restoring the surrounding buildings and shoring up the mine. things to do in Yuma minerals can bring to you.

Located at the unique geological formation at the base of the volcanic core known as Castle Dome Mt., the Hull Mine and its tour completes a picture of life as it was in Castle Dome City and the Mining District.

Arizona's natural wonder The Hull Mine
Arizona's Natural Wonder Fluorescent Mineral Wall>
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