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natural wonder The Castle Dome Mining District stretches 7 miles along the western flank of the Castle Dome Mountains in southwest Arizona. The northern most part of the district makes up The Hull group of patented mines which has some of the deepest and most extensive workings in the district. These mines are up to 750 vertical feet deep.

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Colonel Jacob Snively, Arizona's first citizen, and William Ehrenberg are the original founders of Castle Dome Mining District having come in 1864. Colonel Jacob Snively was one of the most successful prospectors in the district having found gold, silver galena and some lost mines of the Spanish Conquistadors.

One of the lost Conquistador mines that Colonel Jacob Snively discovered here is touted to have been "a huge silver vein right on top of the ground"

FFrom the desperados to the indian raids, this mining district was one tough place. Mining would almost die then spring back to life and, it ended up becoming the longest worked mining district in Arizona. Over the years, the mines have been work and reworked. Fluorescent MineralsDuring WWII, 9 million pounds of silver galena was removed by the Holmes Brothers from the Castle Dome Mining District. The last mining activity ceased in the late 1970's when silver prices dropped. The stage stop, the rowdy bars and graveyard have been silent for years but, now they are being awakened as we explore and discover the activities of the past.

Lost and hidden treasures are continuously rediscovered and one of the best kept secrets has recently been brought to life. The Hull Mine, and its unending fluorescent mineral wall with a kaleidescope of colors is open for guided, small group tours. This is a true one-of-a-kind treasure and natural wonder!

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