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The Hull and Railroad MInes

The Hull mine is geological phenomenon of unsurpassed color and beauty. This new discovery of the unendingghost images wall of the full spectrum of fluorescent colors is a world class discovery at the 100 foot vertical level in the railroad workings of the Hull mine.

When this was being mined in the1 880's the vein of silver galena was about eight feet thick it was in the fault zone and was mined natural wonderout.The gang minerals are very fluorescent and were left along the hanging and foot walls in a 90 degree stoped out drift.The colors a blue, dark blue, red, orange yellow, white, purple, brown, green, with different hues of these colors, and are real natural wonder.

This wall is over 50 feet tall on each side above and below on your left and right. Lighting this up with huge 250 watt short wave fluorescent lights really awakens the electrons or excites them and wow they do light up. There is so much phosphorescence, (they keep glowing with no light), that the first time we turned off the lights I said I don't remember a air shaft it was so light you could see clearly with no lights on the minerals glowing-rocks. but they keep glowing.

One day we waited over 5 minutes still light glowing rocks looked like the Milky Way. The main minerals are calcite, flourite, scheelite, willemite, barite, Hydrozincite, aragonite and selenite.

This guided tour you are transported in an underground mine transport vehicle as we go 600 feet to the hundred foot vertical level visit the fluorescent room and also see the exposed silver galena vein, crystal formations, old workings and mining artifacts, and see an awesome underground mine.

Arizona's natural wonder Arizona's Natural Wonder Fluorescent Mineral Wall
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