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Underground mine tours

We here at The Hull Mine, Arizona's Natural Wonder Fluorescent Mineral Wall strive to make this tour experience memorable. Safety concerns are paramount and always must be followed to the letter. This tour is very safe as long as all respect the rules.

  1. 1. Eye protection, when viewing UV lighted areas, and hard hats will be worn at all times in the mine(we provide)
  2. No food, drink or smoking in the mine
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  4. No open Toed shoes
  5. Please no purses, backpacks or handbags
  6. 5. No flash photography or large photo equiptment
  7. 6. Ages 12 and up only. Tour is not appropriate for children
  8. 7. No collecting samples or artifacts on the property

What you will see

The Hull Mine Tour is a top rated tour that takes you into the world class underground natural fluorescent and phosphorescent mineral walls. This is such a unique concentration of minerals which overwhelms the senses with bright fluorescent colors of unending variety and patterns making this viewing an unforgettable experience.

The small group (12 max) tour begins as you are transported 2 miles to the site in a 5 passenger quad/ATV. Next you see the amazing desert's natural beauty as you discover the mining history of the Castle Dome Mining District. The setting is a wilderness within the Sonoran Desert with one of the most beautiful volcanic cores, Castle Dome, before your eyes. Castle Dome Ghost Town

We visit the saguaro growing in the iron wood tree and stop off to see the crystal wash, and broken blade grave as you begin to understand some of the hidden mysteries that have drawn people here for over 300 years.

As we drive closer to the mine you are transported back in time, as the old weather-beaten buildings come into view. The ore car trestles with cars suddenly emerge and out of nowhere the magnificent portal of the Hull Mine appears. underground mine tours

Twelve tourists and a driver then transfer to the man trap, an underground mine vehicle, and begin the 500 ft. descent into the solid rock mountain. Traversing the new, dust free concrete covered mine floor, we arrive at the intersection of several drifts. The temperatures within the mine are a consistent 80-85 degrees with excellent air ventilation.

Here at the 100 foot. vertical level we walk 80 feet into the fluorescent room. Everywhere you can see are an amazing rainbow of colors that are displayed under ultraviolet lights. When the UV lights are turned off glowing minerals off, the wall, with its phosphorescence, turns into the night sky. It is quite spectacular!

Exploring about 300 feet of mine takes us to a silver vein, mineral walls, the desperado hideout, a blacksmith shop and more. After leaving the mine we stop by the diner, Hull's Kitchen, view a stage stop and take a guided tour through old mine workings. Then, continuing to Peg's Saloon, the Undertakers and Miners Supply, you may see ghostly figures pull iron as the drama of a shoot-out over beautiful saloon girls unfolds.

Tours are by reservation. (walk-in only if space is available) the cost is $125 Promotional price only $75.00 per person and includes admission to the 60 building Castle Dome Museum and Mine District. Tours are scheduled everyday. These are very small group, personalized, guided tours that take you back in time to the wild, wild, west!

Arizona's natural wonder The Hull Mine
Arizona's Natural Wonder Fluorescent Mineral Wall
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Castle Dome Road, Yuma AZ
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